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Discover this amazing long kept secret practice, famous for its incredible efficiency and the relevance of its predictions. Uranian Astrology, a simple practice, a serious science, and the divinatory art of tomorrow.

THE AUTHORKevin Meunier

I started astrology when I was a child, meanwhile I was learning Tarot de Marseille and geomancy. Long last astro-lover and fascinated by history and mancies (divinatory technics), I discovered multiple astrologies: tropical, sidereal, Egyptian, Vedic, Uranian… to bring you today the results of my searches.

CHART & FORECASTINGKnow yourself...

As an ID card, your natal chart can reveal every secrets of your life. Love, money, work and carrer, health, abilities and skills, difficulties and dangers, everything we’re dealing with everyday of our lives.


Astrology, whether tropical, sidereal or Uranian, is like a language: it can be learned and applied on a daily basis, but it also has subtleties that can only be discovered through practice. Anyone can become a good astrologer, as long as the method is good. Here is mine and I know you’re gonna like it 😉


Uranian Astrology is an astrology method created by the German geometer Alfred Witte, father of the Hamburg School, discoverer of the trans-Neptunian planets Cupido, Hades, Zeus and Kronos and of the principle of cosmic symmetry. One of his students, Friedrich SieggrĂŒn, discovered the next four planets Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon, while another of his students, Ludwig Rudolph, invented the famous and revolutionary 90° dial. With all these tools, and with the method known as “half-points”, this “divinatory” practice has proved to be the most precise, the most efficient, the simplest of all astrologies, as well as the only one able to prove its veracity.

Here is a video that will help you discover the difference between “traditional” astrology and the innovative Uranian astrology.

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